Thursday, April 22, 2021

Haunted By The Vision

Do they talk, privately or publicly, to get somewhere? I know what word they use, and why would they ever seek any other? Just to make their things fall apart? They're not so crazy. Lies are useful to them; after all, if it wasn't for them they would not be "famous". Thus they cannot ask that which would ruin their dream of being somebody in the world. As long as they gain all the fools, being nobody in the sight of God is no problem.

They give their crap and it's no surprise that in nowhere there is always one and one million willing to take it. Being alone, they search for an illusion of success that is a lie even when the response is "passionate", because such feelings and emotions are never really strong and everlasting, but rather reveal people's spiritual weakness and disorder. They must be kept sick, otherwise the bond is undone.

They've got no reason to look for what could please Truth and themselves, when they're already damn sure they are the ego and it's feeling too "good" to have it pleased. If they don't lock people out of Wisdom, and start losing all fools to Her, who is going to believe their lies and serve their ego? It's very unlikely; however, every enslaved soul in their net has its worth to them.

Unfortunately, in the end, they are all lost anyway, because in the definitive kingdom of hell the ultimate sense of loneliness is found.

Don't you lack the love?

Too ugly.

A casa caiu, "rico".