Friday, June 4, 2021

Only The Brave Survive

Don't try to answer without even asking; don't write anything in hopes that I won't be able to tell the difference. Where does the confidence you have in your foolishness come from? What you hear from fans? If you're looking for the "blessing" of man, you'll end up cursed by God. We trust different sources and we don't align. I was already won by Her.

Jesus came to divide everything, including industries.

So "loved", idolized, and so deceived.

You just can't win.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Seeking The Hidden One

People want to have all the "fun", all the "wealth" and "fame", before anything else; they need to be "happy" before getting serious about any real thing. It's like, "Hey, Jesus, after all that I'll follow you". No, you won't. You'll look for a "church" to keep deceiving yourself, but only when the illusion becomes a little uncomfortable, just a little, not sufficiently to make you doubt the "difference" your treasured things have made in your life.

You'll be highly respected and feel at home there because you'll find yourself surrounded by many dreaming of getting from god all you've conquered.

If, however, by any chance, you start feeling too uncomfortable...

Well, that's a real chance you have to make it straight and tell the things you couldn't tell before.

Get ready for something much harder than to achieve "success".

Does that discourage or motivate you?

It's A Hell Of A Job

There are no innocent victims in the "fun" industry.

I've been a fool before; I can read and write it all now.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Don't Ask For Their Help

Don't go in there.

Waste Of Time

The unconditional one that exists out there and gives you all things you desire is enough for you.

We don't believe in the same love.

What It Is

If you take a look at what the happy slaves have been saying out there about the Flame X Cleopatra lawsuit thing, you'll realize that she wouldn't have to worry at all even if she had lost the case. They were willing to pay the penalty for her. That's how it works, they don't care if their idols are speaking a bunch of bad things, they just "love" them and will their "good".

Who cares if the similarity was intentional or not? She's in trouble with the Judge either way, just like the Flame guy if he was just simulating.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

They Are Everyone

Do you know that album with the plague doctor? Their ex-manager's name is Jason Fowler. Now try Psalm 91:3. Maybe their god is angry because the greedy guy had been trying to take their goods? When they're as greedy as he, if not worse?

Just a theory.

The Attack Goes On

You can't open my eyes to no law, "judges".

We don't believe in the same life.


Eu sou de Ninguém.

Eu sou de outro mundo e outro mundo me quer Bem.