Monday, May 31, 2021

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Time Is Wisdom

I can fight for you just as long as you remember to turn down his offer.

It's your choice, it's up to you.

Friday, May 28, 2021

Olhos Azuis

A menina queria que o cara largasse o sonho do rock para se tornar um executivo, queria que ele tivesse um futuro. Só pode ser a namorada do Tim Curran...

São vários os mundos particulares dentro do mundo, né.

De outro mundo só eu e minha imaginação.

Cada Um Por Ego

O escolhido pela Verdade e nada mais.

Longe Do Teu Domínio

Se identificou, agora não tem jeito.

Cê tá numa cilada.

Tramas Do "Sucesso"

É isso que você busca conquistar?

Convicção para transformar rascunho em arte final.

Changer Tout

Do mal ao bem.

Do ilusório ao real.

Longe Do Meu Domínio

Cê vai de mal a pior

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Nobody Else

Cast you pearls before the "famous".

Tell me how many special persons you found among them.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Her Name Is Sophia

She's the one on the other side of the firewall.

She knows what's running through your head, specially when you're in Her dimension.

If you have a reason for a real change, She might show you something too.

If you lack no conviction, you don't have what to ask for.

The Connection Source

If you do what you have to do to be a friend, having one Friend is certain.

Whether anyone else will need Her too, it is not guaranteed.

Would you give up the Source Connection to have a "friend"?

Ok, but a "friend" means a cheater; remember that.

The Old "Normal"

It is so clear that in the world of fools, "social" skills means the ability for pleasing the ego of others. There is no place in that world where we wouldn't feel alone, because everywhere our mind wanders inside it, it's still only foolishness.

When you start touring with that other band, don't forget to tell them that they rock, little darling.

I heard that your husband is a therapist; I think he needs a postgraduate degree in transpersonal psychology.

Your deathstyle would concern me.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021


Some self-deceived fans will say that it's only "artistical"; but what about the medals?

They really love the bad things and they're being kind of sincere.

The only hypocrites there are the "Christians" speaking the simulated good things.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, try Wikipedia.

Monday, May 24, 2021

They Think I'm Mad

Only because I speak to you?

I want to hear what the one who believes in you can teach you.

Do You Like It

The kick in the face?


I can no longer believe.


I wrote a message to someone, warning her that something was quite not right with those people, that I was sensing something gray on those bands that was far from matching any real good energy. She didn't believe me. Whatever hit me, coming from them, was not religious. I was sure.

That's why I say that I don't care what they talk privately, because they have no connection to find no truth. So when people forward my messages, without being able to answer anything, they're definitely not trying to hear more from others.

Whenever I write to individuals that are unable to interact, I realize that we're not in the same dimension. And I can't keep talking to whoever is not searching for the same things, whose silence means, "Those words disturb me, don't talk to me". You can't help them who are afraid of the light, afraid of facing what's inside. And you would betray Truth and yourself trying to please them.

Don't be so "innocent", you can't remind most "friends" that they have to work or else they'll be nobody.

Let me remember those who know your crap is not enough, rockstar.

You just can't leave; you would miss the misery.

Saturday, May 22, 2021


It's true that I keep things to use at the suitable moment, but that's not what always happens.

I knew about the Innocent song the same day I posted it, searching for something somehow I believed existed out there, in the same way I found Higher Love. Last sunday I listened to 7 Seconds on the radio and I almost never listen to radio, though it's where Rebel In Me comes from too. Wednesday, after writing the Religare post, I turned on the tv before going to sleep and Christine was on.

Weird, isn't it?

I bet you thought my previous posts were inspired by the next ones.

I just keep the groove and they come to me.

Friday, May 21, 2021


The argument with atheists over the existence of a being who created the Universe, which some find so relevant and a victory they crave so much, I have always seen as a complete waste of time. Just because such belief by itself would not make any difference in anyone's life anyway.

If this discussion appeals to you, you should ask yourself what you'd do if everyone in the world believed in God already.

Adversary: False Self

I mustn't fall behind.

Sure! Why Not?

Guido Anselmi's theological insight scares everyone but us.

If Jesus said, there is an extraordinary reason.

Wouldn't God hide Himself from the world?

We bet He does.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Go Back To Church, Nerds

Go learn a lesson on renunciation and restoration of purpose.

Oh, how could I forget? It's just there where you were told, "you are the salt of the earth", to inflate your ego and make you feel "good".

You should to go back to the Bible and read the whole con-texts, fools.


She is your kind of red, she'll get you through the glass.

You'll feed it but it'll kill you before you can kill her.

Because she is bad to the bone.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021


Technology allows people to send a message to the other side of the earth in no time, but it won't write the message for them. Nothing has changed, all things are still of the world, disconnected.

Nevertheless, I didn't know my phone was so smart.

If it can't write messages, who did it?

Just Remember

You're surrounded by the world of fools.

Don't let it make her go.


The love is of wisdom; the wisdom is of love.

Ask one, you'll get the other too.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

You Are Not My Kind

"Justified" I waste away.

My signs have no power to deceive; I found the goodness of Truth.

God Save The Queen

I tear away from everyone, self-good and bad.

Now I'm bad and you're full of shit.

Zele por nós e ilumine o nosso caminho.

Monday, May 17, 2021

The Betrayers

Can you blush?

You've got the fans to make you immune, don't you?

Chifre é coisa da geração adúltera.

Não percebem, porque são "espertos"; se fossem burros teriam uma chance.

Wicked Charms

Their concept of "success" does not require them to find a way out of the gall of bitterness, when there's a million voices to tell them that it's fun, that they don't need to change. They give them a life with everything money can purchase, what really matters to them.

So "loved", idolized, and so deceived.

I perceive that thou art in the bond of iniquity.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Friday, May 14, 2021

The Feeling

It just cannot be shared with those not searching for It.

You'll never hear from them, "I know the feeling".

Falou Tudo

"Religião" é exatamente essa desgraça aí; palestinos x israelenses, "evangélicos" x "católicos", cruzeirenses x atleticanos.

Coisa de fãs, sentimento mundano.

Daily Holocaust

You are like the cows; your purpose is to serve and feed the human vanity.

You've got to be ready to happily die when the time has come for them to drop the bomb on you.

Let The Children Play

Have a nice day.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Let Any Music Play

My imagination is irresistible.

Barra Pesada

Religião não é para turistas.

Só quem peregrina no deserto suporta o morro dos favelados sobre si.


Toda vez que acontece algum conflito entre terroristas e israelenses, os "evangélicos" começam a falar em orar pelos israelenses e a puxação de saco começa, porque não podem ver a palavra 'prosperar' na Bíblia que já ficam interessados. Não existe nada de genuíno em suas intenções; são profundamente oportunistas e proselitistas. Deveriam orar por si mesmos, no temor de que quando todo Israel for salvo eles mesmos não venham a ser cortados.

Os malucos vão lá peregrinar, como eles adoram ir também, e arrumam confusão com a polícia. Os terroristas tomam as dores das balas de borracha que eles levaram e lançam mísseis sobre as pessoas em Israel, muitas das quais estão se lixando para "religião". Israel então bombardeia os palestinos, muitos dos quais também não querem saber dessa merda.

Em 9/11 os americanos lembram os que morreram vítimas do seguidor do Allah, que é o mesmo Yahweh dos escribas e fariseus, que só os trouxas não sabem se tratar do diabo. Mas em tal dia os americanos sábios lembram também que por lá passou um presidente mais insano que o barbudo mau elemento, que matou mais de 200 mil japoneses.

The hardest part is inside.

Voyage, et jamais ne revient.


Qual é o benefício de ser rico de mentira, quando o pouco da saúde que restou ao homem é perdido e o tratamento mais caro nada pode fazer por ele? Quem não crê e não percebe que carece da glória de Deus, facilmente é atraído a perseguir a glória do mundo. Quando o pouco parece muito, o indivíduo não vê outro caminho diante de si senão se doar à busca dos bens que, na sua concepção, lhe faltam. Depois que ele conhece essa "diferença", dificilmente a renunciará para buscar a verdadeira.

"Porque são vida para os que as acham, e saúde para todo o seu corpo."

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Igreja De Mentira

Seu país está destinado a dar errado desde o dia em que esse hino foi escrito; sua igreja desde o dia em que seu fundador escreveu o primeiro livro nazista.

Qual outro provérbio mundano você guarda aí? "Tempo é dinheiro"? De nada aproveita ler a Bíblia 100 vezes quando não se pode crer que tempo é Sabedoria.

Vocês, ovelhas cegas, acham que estão indo à igreja quando na realidade estão indo ao show do Iron Maiden.

Se realmente podem crer, retirem os teus pés do mal.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Not You, Not Me

There is no way that I can believe
That all the Beauty came to be
In the wake of disaster
What Love cometh from?