Monday, May 24, 2021


I wrote a message to someone, warning her that something was quite not right with those people, that I was sensing something gray on those bands that was far from matching any real good energy. She didn't believe me. Whatever hit me, coming from them, was not religious. I was sure.

That's why I say that I don't care what they talk privately, because they have no connection to find no truth. So when people forward my messages, without being able to answer anything, they're definitely not trying to hear more from others.

Whenever I write to individuals that are unable to interact, I realize that we're not in the same dimension. And I can't keep talking to whoever is not searching for the same things, whose silence means, "Those words disturb me, don't talk to me". You can't help them who are afraid of the light, afraid of facing what's inside. And you would betray Truth and yourself trying to please them.

Don't be so "innocent", you can't remind most "friends" that they have to work or else they'll be nobody.

Let me remember those who know your crap is not enough, rockstar.

You just can't leave; you would miss the misery.