Thursday, June 3, 2021

Seeking The Hidden One

People want to have all the "fun", all the "wealth" and "fame", before anything else; they need to be "happy" before getting serious about any real thing. It's like, "Hey, Jesus, after all that I'll follow you". No, you won't. You'll look for a "church" to keep deceiving yourself, but only when the illusion becomes a little uncomfortable, just a little, not sufficiently to make you doubt the "difference" your treasured things have made in your life.

You'll be highly respected and feel at home there because you'll find yourself surrounded by many dreaming of getting from god all you've conquered.

If, however, by any chance, you start feeling too uncomfortable...

Well, that's a real chance you have to make it straight and tell the things you couldn't tell before.

Get ready for something much harder than to achieve "success".

Does that discourage or motivate you?